Khloé Kardashian Official App App Reviews

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I love the app KHLOÉ and i love you KHLOÉ

Charging fans? OMG

Why am I allowed to download it for free when I can NOT read any page? You make money of your fans!! Who actually make you rich anyway.. Who else do you think buy your brand?


This app is so awesome!!! I love to know all about Khloes tips!!!!


Since the latest update (2 days ago) I cant even open the apps! Before that I could only see the videos, couldnt read any of the articles! Why am I paying for these apps if I cant even use them?!


Very good Khloé ! Youre a princess


This app is Marvelous i love u koko from Paris.

congratulations on making an app that is not acesivel to everyone who is a fan isnt it?! to you who are rich is easy to earn more!


I actually love this app. Khloés videos and little texts make me feel good and more confident about myself, just because you get the feeling that she knows how much some insecurities can stop you in life.

Way too many difficulties

Really happy about the app, but there are so many complications, especially with loading videos or pictures. Annoying af!

Nooooot paying for just an account^^

Love Khloe, my favorite Kardashian :) But no. I will not pay for being able to just open your app. Bad marketing. Why not have a Light Version with the blog stuff etc. This is ridic

Its says its free but its not.. ?!

Cant Turn Off Automatic Renewal Option

I clicked on the Manage Subscription link and I cant seem to turn off the automatic renewal option. Please help!

App wont open

This app crashes as soon as I click to open it.. Wtf.. Same with the kylie app

Khloé amazing app

She looks dope & will help you a lot for fitness skills✅

Crash city.

Havent even been able to open the app. Crashes, crashes, crashes. Fix. Fix. Fix.


Very informative and interesting.

Not free

Downloaded the app but it wouldnt load. Also it says its free but its not.

Love this

If you love khloe then this is the perfect app for u!


crashes everytime i clic start

Doesnt load

Cant actually open it, keeps crashing:(...

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